Conforms with the energy conservation to reduce carbon dioxide for environmental protection trend in the world.

UNILON CO.,LTD. was established in 2006. We specialize in the lamination of solvent-free water-soluble glue which has been widely used in diving materials,health care materials,sports safety equipment, and shoe production. In response to global environmental trends,the concept of a “global village,”and the rise of composite materials,we have successfully developed a water-based paste which is resistant to fresh water,sea water,toluene,and high temperatures: four very desirable traits. In this development,we have been able to uphold our commitment to the environment and further our vision of the future. Our goal as a company is to follow the physical trends of the world,moving in dynamic and customized directions to apply specialized technology that meets environmentally-friendly standards.We strive to provide high quality,high efficiency, highly useful products to meet the various needs of each of our partners.We are moving our company into the dynamic international market.
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